I’ve loved art since a very young age. In love with nature, I’ve always been inspired by a mix of my culture and speculative zoology creating Alebrijes (Mexican Folk Art sculptures of fantastical creatures). Wanting to expand my art and dive deeper into my passion, I started my apprenticeship in 2021, leading me to my journey of applying my art to skin.

What’s your favorite Style to Tattoo?

Stippling has always been my preferred art style, although it requires a lot of time and patience, the end result is always jaw-dropping. Over the years I’ve perfected the mix between my Alebrijes and applying and I’m very enthusiastic about creating unique pieces for my clients.

Who or What inspired you to become an artist?

Frida Khalo inspired me to immortalize the things I love with the very famous phrase, ” Pinto Flores, asi no mueren” which translates, “I paint flowers, so they never die.” It led me to draw the things I love the nose with the hope that my art will never perish.