I have been in the Tattoo Industry for a little under 4 years and have had such a diverse experience with my apprenticeship, I originally started out here in San Antonio learning the fundamentals of tattooing and being involved in the art community. I eventually had to move out to the east coast and that’s where I spent another year and a half as an apprentice learning American and Japanese Traditional Tattoos out in Jacksonville North Carolina. Once my father retired from military life, I was able to move back to San Antonio where I finally had the opportunity to really refine my knowledge and skills with Wicked Ways to become the artist I am today. 

Favorite type of work to do:

 I have an open mind when it comes to my favorite style of tattoos but if I had to choose, I really enjoy doing American and Japanese Traditional as well as Blackwork; I love Solid Black Clean and Crisp Lines. Whether it’s Minimalist or full-on sacred geometric patterns. There is just something about keeping it as simple as possible that really stands out. 

Who or What inspired you to become an artist?

Growing up, my uncle was like my older brother; he was always jamming on the guitar or drawing comic book characters like spiderman and spawn in his room. Naturally, I took an interest and started to draw with him, and I just ran with it nonstop ever since. I always knew I wanted to do something with art eventually found my way into the tattoo industry and have been loving what I do ever since. 

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