Growing up art has always been apart of my life, it’s always been my escape from reality. From middle school up to high school I was apart of many art clubs; being leader of National Art Honors Society, I even got a scholarship for my artwork when I graduated high school. I started getting into tattooing when I was 16 and got into a shop officially in the year 2021. I’m more than passionate about my work and only strive to be and do better from where I am now. Tattooing is just my way of letting my art being appreciated from the skin to the world, to wherever life takes us.

What’s your favorite Style to Tattoo?

Black and grey and stippling are my ideal styles. With the soft and clean strokes from stippling to the highlights and shadows of black and grey I love the outcome of these kinds of pieces leaving my clients with super clean artwork on them. Although I can produce more of a diverse range of styles those two are my all time favorites to display.


Who or What inspired you to become an artist?

Like I said before art has always been apart of my life I can easily say my aunt and uncle are my inspirations to grow my art. They always had their paintings in museums from Florida to Texas to California and it just sparked so much interest in growing as an artist. I love to create and to be grounded with the world I always felt most connected to tattooing with how much of an extrovert I am and how I strive to just give a different look to the world, with all my body modifications and tattoos ! I love the beauty and the power that art can do to the world.