Art has a big part of my life since a young age in a variant of forms. In grade school I began taking photography and digital design classes captivating my fascination for nature and fine details. In 2014 I began studying permanent cosmetics and was licensed in 2015 where my career for permanent artistry turned into a passion for expanding my opportunities into Tattoo Artistry.

What’s your favorite Style to Tattoo?

The bold lines and high contrasted colors of the traditional art form are essentially what piqued my interest in furthering my career in tattooing.  But throughout my journey I have come to admire the fine lines and details of realism and recreating lifelong memories they portray.

Who or What inspired you to become an artist?

My inspiration is my son. Every day he motivates me to be the best version of myself and gives me the eager will to continue pursuing my dreams. The support of my family has guided me through the exploration of my artistic abilities.