Growing up my mom was an artist and would spend hours at a time focused on a single canvas. I had always loved watching the process, from all the scribbled drafts on the floor to her varnishing the oil paint. I had made art my focus since the second I got my turn at that canvas. I’ve been very fortunate to have so many passionate artists in my life that have led me to create a career focusing on forever momentous, officially becoming a full-time tattoo artist in 2021.

What’s your favorite Style to Tattoo?

I’m most heavily influenced by the boldness of traditional tattooing, but also love the opposite end of the spectrum and digging into the micro details of fine line pieces. Any and all things western, 80’s punk, and generally odd ideas have always been under the umbrella of my favorite things to draw, long before my career tattooing, so when I get the chance to let my creativity roam wild in those topics it’s a guaranteed perfect day in my room.

Who or What inspired you to become an artist?

I’ve been drawing from a very young age and there eventually became a moment where I realized that EVERYTHING was art; from the pictures hanging on the wall of your house, to the way the entire city it’s in was planned out. How ingrained it actually was in people even if nobody knew it, through their culture and surroundings. And truly, I believe that’s why I knew tattooing would be my most fond medium. I can now cater to each individual’s idea of what art is to them, and allow it to be worn on their body forever.

Work Coming Soon